A New Mexico program called Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing focuses on providing short and medium-term rental assistance to individuals and families, who are homeless or who have housing, but are at risk of becoming homeless.

HELP-NM provides services under the program in Chaves, Lincoln and Eddy counties. Available financial assistance includes:

- Short term rental assistance
- Medium term rental assistance
- Security and utility deposits
- Utility payments
- Rent or Utility arrears
- Moving cost assistance

An applicant must provide evidence of one or more of the following conditions and agree to a personal interview.

They include high risks such as facing eviction within two weeks, even by family/friends, residing in condemned housing, sudden and significant loss of income.

Lower risks include sudden and significant increase in utility costs, severe housing cost burden, homeless in the last 12 months, pending foreclosure of rental housing, extremely low income, extreme overcrowding, recent traumatic life event, credit problems precluding owning a house, and a significant amount of medical debt.

HELP-NM is a state-wide nonprofit agency. For more information, contact Rosa Juarez at (575)973-0326 or