Construction Begins on Cherokee Interconnect Project

The Village of Ruidoso begins construction today on the Cherokee Interconnect which will ultimately connect the Cherokee water system to the Alto and Grindstone water systems. By doing this, the Cherokee system will not be dependent on only one system which will benefit all residents that rely on that system for their water delivery.

It is estimated that they laying of the pipeline will take approximately 30 days at which time construction will on the project will be suspended until the booster stations arrive and can be constructed. It will take 16 weeks to build and prepare the booster stations for installation. After the new water pipeline is installed and during the suspension of construction, the site will be returned to its pre-construction state and will remain that way until the booster stations are ready to be installed.

There will be no disruption to services during the course of the construction. However, during the first phase of the construction, crews will be working in the Pinecliff Village parking lot which may cause some minor inconvenience to residents living there. Once that section is complete, crews will move into Cherokee Mobile Village to begin laying the pipeline in that area.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact JR Baumann, Director of Public Works, at 575-258-4343.