Two Rivers Restoration Project Begins

The Village of Ruidoso, in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Ecology (RME), recently kicked off a restoration project at Two Rivers Park that will reduce temperature and turbidity within the Rio Ruidoso, restore vegetation to high-use areas and construct fish habitats in key locations. The project, which is expected to be complete by Friday, October 26th, is being paid for by a grant from the New Mexico River Stewardship Program.

RME will plant herbaceous species along the banks of the Rio Ruidoso where trampling and extensive use by recreationists has caused adjacent bank lines and high-use areas to become devoid of plants and vegetation. By redirecting public access to those areas, these new plants will be allowed to grow and re-vegetate these key areas using creative restoration methods. The creation of new fish habitats in key locations will also help control the temperature and turbidity of the river.

“We were very excited to be selected as one of the restoration projects,” said Rodney Griego, Parks and Recreation Director for the Village of Ruidoso. “There were 22 proposals that were submitted, and ultimately, 14 restoration projects were selected. The River Stewardship Program has been great and allows locations around the state to design and construct projects that improve surface water quality and river habitats.”

During the project, the area directly behind the Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce where the work is being done, will not be accessible to the public. If you have any questions about the project, please contact the Village of Ruidoso at 575-258-4343.