Main Road Bridge Replacement #4 - February 9, 2018

[Project Update]

Friday, February 2, 2018: It was determined that a gas line was in the way of the footings for headwalls, and Zia Natural Gas Company was contacted.  They made the decision that the line could be relocated, and in an effort to expedite the process, Roper Construction would do the digging, and then Zia Gas would move the gas line on Tuesday 2-6-18. Plastic pipe was installed to divert the river around the footings for headwalls, and the footing pads have begun to dry out.

Monday, February 5, 2018: Crews continued to cut up old rebar to be removed from site while Roper Construction continued to work on the de-watering issue in the river channel. Digging for the relocation of the gas line was completed, and Roper Construction prepared to assist Zia Gas in relocating the gas line on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018: Zia Gas completed the relocation of the gas line while crews continued efforts to de-water headwall footings

Wednesday, February 7, 2018: Terracon showed up to take samples of the existing soil and base course. Sump has been completed, and the de-watering process continued.

During the weekly progress meeting with Zia Engineering, the following items were discussed:

·      Placement of detour signs at the intersection of 1st and Flume

·      Striating of sign at Porr and Brady

·      Zia Engineering is preparing a cost estimate for the cutting of the northeast wing wall

·      Parts from Contech have shipped and should be here early next week

·      Testing methods for concrete and how to improve set-time in order to improve the schedule of construction

·      Gabion Basket placement and the protection of trees along the banks

·      Monitoring well was discussed, the village is working on an approved plugging plan

Thursday, February 8, 2018: The weekly public meeting was held at 8:30 AM with two citizens in attendance and one person that called in via conference call. The following items were discussed:

·      Fire Chief Thetford discussed the Village’s emergency action plan that covers the evacuation plan for all emergency events

·      The addition of more blue and white ribbons on the main detour route

·      The addition of the night reflective signs and how it will improve the safety of the route at night

Roper Construction is removing material at the north headwall and preparing subgrade in preparation of footings

The anticipated progress for next week is as follows:

·      Sub-excavating for footings and de-watering

·      Bring footings back up with engineered fill

·      Prepare for density testing

·      Build forms and prepare to pour concrete by late next week

If you have any questions on the project, please visit our Main Bridge Replacement Project page or contact Village Hall at 575-258-4343.