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Listed below is the direct contact information for Village of Ruidoso officials.  Not sure who to talk to? Give us a call at 575-258-4343 for assistance. We're open daily from 8AM to 5PM, with the exception of official holidays. You can also find us on Facebook.

contact information for village officials


Irma Devine, Village Clerk: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Tania Proctor, Director Human Resources: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Judi Starkovich, Finance Director: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Darren Hooker, Chief of Police: Tel: 575-258-7365; Email:

Cody Thetford, Fire Chief: Tel: 575-257-4116; Email:

Kerry Gladden, Public Information Officer: Tel: 575-937-2664; Email:

Rodney Griego, Director Parks & Recreation: Tel: 575-257-5030; Email:

Jeffrey Kaplan, Solid Waste: Tel: 575-257-1502; Email:

Public Works: Tel: 575-258-4343

Randy Koehn, Water Production Manager: Tel: 575-257-2386; Email:

Dick Cooke, Forestry: Tel: 575-257-5544; Email:

Sean Parker, Airport: Tel: 575-336-8111; Email:

Isaac Garcia, RWWTP/Plant Manager: Tel: 575-378-8417; Email:

Library: Tel: 575-258-3704; Email:

Timothy Dodge, Village Manager: T: 575-258-6999; E:


village hall

313 Cree Meadows Dr. 
Ruidoso, NM 88345