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Listed below is the direct contact information for Village of Ruidoso officials.  Not sure who to talk to? Give us a call at 575-258-4343 for assistance. We're open daily from 8AM to 5PM, with the exception of official holidays.

contact information for village officials


Irma Devine, Village Clerk: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Tania Proctor, Director Human Resources: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Judi Starkovich, Finance Director: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Darren Hooker, Chief of Police: Tel: 575-258-7365; Email:

Cody Thetford, Fire Chief: Tel: 575-257-4116; Email:

Kerry Gladden, Public Information Officer: Tel: 575-937-2664; Email:

Rodney Griego, Director Parks & Recreation: Tel: 575-257-5030; Email:

Jeffrey Kaplan, Solid Waste: Tel: 575-257-1502; Email:

JR Baumann, Public Works: Tel: 575-258-4343; Email:

Randy Koehn, Water Production Manager: Tel: 575-257-2386; Email:

Dick Cooke, Forestry: Tel: 575-257-5544; Email:

Sean Parker, Airport: Tel: 575-336-8111; Email:

Isaac Garcia, RWWTP/Plant Manager: Tel: 575-378-8417; Email:

Library: Tel: 575-258-3704; Email:

Timothy Dodge, Community Development Director: T: 575-258-6999; E:


village hall

313 Cree Meadows Dr. 
Ruidoso, NM 88345