Village of Ruidoso Finance Department

Judi Starkovich, Finance Director

T: (575)-258-4343
F: (575) 258-3017


Value Statements

Integrity: We preserve the integrity of the accounting and reporting records through the diligent and thorough application of pertinent laws, regulations and policies; through the accurate and timely completion of assigned tasks; and through the appropriate documentation of transactions.

Accountability: We all understand what is expected of us and are fully committed to meeting those expectations.

Transparency: We are committed to openly sharing information with others, effectively expressing our ideas and actively striving to understand the ideas of others.

Customer Service: We serve our customers by performing our tasks in a timely, consistent and accurate manner. When interfacing with our customers, we are polite, friendly, professional and efficient. When situations require, we take initiative and proactively address customers' needs.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve our individual and common goals. We share knowledge, encourage and support each other, and respect individual differences.

Ownership: We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and take pride in our work.

Value: We continually examine the way we operate and seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our service.


Accounts Payable

Vendors must provide both federal and state tax identification numbers to perform services for the Village. Please contact Purchasing or Accounts Payable personnel for assistance. Vendor ID numbers must be established prior to submission of invoices.

All invoices submitted must include the following:

  • Date of services or purchase of goods

  • Vendor name and mailing address

  • Description of goods or services

  • Total amount due

The Village of Ruidoso is exempt from sales tax on tangible goods with the exception of construction items. Sales tax will be paid on labor, services and construction items. If an invoice includes sales tax on parts or goods, it will be deducted from the disbursement. Please contact Purchasing if you need a Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate.

Budget Process

The fiscal year for the Village of Ruidoso is July 1-June 30, and the budget process is as follows:

  • Budget preparation begins in February with management review and projection of revenues for the upcoming year.

  • Department directors prepare budget requests based on historical information and guidelines for the upcoming year; meetings are scheduled with the Manager and Finance Director for review.

  • A preliminary budget is prepared for the governing body by late April.

  • Public hearings are held in early May to review the preliminary budget.

  • Preliminary budget is adopted and sent to Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) in late May.

  • Fiscal year end closes June 30.

  • Final budget is adopted and sent to DFA in late July.

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Annual Budget Fiscal Year 2018-2019

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