Ruidoso Street Works & Repairs

fred payton - street manager

Tel: 575-257-6023


Our Mission

The Village of Ruidoso Streets Department works to construct, repair and maintain Village streets, alleys, right-of-ways, drainage structures and signs for the safe and orderly flow of traffic within the Village limits and to assist all other departments in case of an emergency.

If you have a pothole or a street repair in your neighborhood, please fill out the Citizen Service Request and Complaint Form and submit it to the VOR Street Department.


Q: Do I need to install a culvert for my driveway entrance?

A: Yes, culverts for driveway entrances are the responsibility of the home owner for the initial installation. After the culvert is installed the street department will maintain the culvert from that day forward. If the culvert becomes damaged, clogged or deteriorated beyond repair the street department will replace, repair or clean it out. Culverts need end protection. Not all culverts are VOR’s responsibility, if they are not in the right-of-way then they are the owner’s responsibility.

Q: When will my street be plowed for snow removal?

A: All the streets in the Village have been prioritized for snow removal in basically the following manner: Major arterials, school bus routes, minor arterials, and residential streets. On an average snow day the street department can remove snow from all village streets within a 24-hour period.

Q: Will the street department remove snow that has been piled in front of my driveway?

A: No, the street department is not responsible for removing snow in front of driveway entrances. When snowfall occurs we have a responsibility to provide safe traffic ways for the traveling public; we do not have the resources to stop and clean out each and every driveway. If for some reason you have a condition that would prevent you from being able to remove snow in front of your drive let the street department know and we will review each case on an individual basis.

Q: What would it take to get my street paved?

A: There are many factors to consider before a street is paved including are all lots occupied, are all utilities in place, traffic counts and the condition of the current roadway. Call the Street Department for more information.

Q: Where should I put my pine needles?

A: Pine needles should be placed next to city dumpsters but not in drainage ditches. Placing pine needles in drainage ditches clogs up drains and can cause flooding of your neighbors. The Solid Waste Department can be reached at 257-1502 for pine needle pickup.

Department Equipment Capabilities

The Street Department is responsible for:

  • Grading roads

  • Maintaining clear drainage ways

  • Fixing street cuts and potholes

  • Removing snow

  • Upgrading deteriorated roadways

  • Mowing right-of-ways

  • Maintaining Village parking lots

  • General maintenance of all right-of ways within the Village limits.

Snow & Ice Control Plan

Click here to view the Village Resolution that explains how the Street Department will deal with inclement weather conditions.

CO-OP Project Update

The CO-OP project has been started and will continue until all is finished. CO-OP project will Chip Seal and Fog Seal various roads within the Village limits. The following roads to be completed include:

  • Ranier Road

  • Sandia Road

  • Sequoia Drive

  • Whitney Drive

  • Everest Drive

  • Mont Blanc Drive

  • Tahoe Drive

  • Blayne’s Court

  • Tennis Court

  • Valley View Circle

  • John Christman Drive

  • Crest Court

The street department completes all work in-house.

MAP Project Update

The VOR Street Department is currently working on Phase II of Camelot. The following roads to be completed include:

  • Mescalero Trail

  • Junction Road

  • Church Drive

  • Thomas B Road

  • Nob Hill Drive

The street department completes all work in-house.


The Street Department has the following equipment:

  • Road graders (3)

  • Backhoes (2)

  • Dump trucks (5)

  • Rollers (3)

  • Asphalt plant

  • Distributor truck

  • Laydown machine

  • Chip Spreader

  • Various pieces of smaller equipment