Village of Ruidoso Water Conservation

Village of Ruidoso Department of Water Conservation


Tel: 575-630-7727 x2063

Current Water Restriction Level: Phase 5

  • Lawn watering is prohibited unless you are on a private well.

  • Vegetable plants and fruit trees must be watered by hand by filling up a container and placing water in the bib around the plant or tree.


Being located in a high desert area, the Village of Ruidoso has always been aware of the need to actively conserve water. However, the recent Little Bear Fire combined with the ongoing drought in the region has made water conservation even more important. We will use this page to keep you up-to-date and informed about current situations regarding water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Village of Ruidoso Water Conservation FAQ
  • Q: Why has the Village declared Phase 5 Water Restrictions?

  • A: Phase 5 restrictions have been set in place for stringent water conservation measures because of the Little Bear Fire’s impact on the Village’s water rights. The changes in the watershed as a result of the Little Bear Fire caused significant degradation in surface water quality that forced the Village to rely solely on its groundwater supply wells for a significant period of time. As a consequence of previous year’s water diversions, the Village must conservatively use the remaining water rights.

  • Q: Will we run out of water?

  • A: No. Under Phase 5 restrictions, the Village has adequate supplies of water to serve all Village customers.

  • Q: Will Grindstone Reservoir dry up?

  • A: No. The Village has a plan to refill Grindstone Reservoir over the next several years.

  • Q: Who is responsible for a leak?

  • A: The water meter in your home and the water bill you receive each month can be valuable tools in determining if you have any water leaks. If you have leak that is in the street or before your utility meter, the leak is the responsibility of the Village, and please contact us as soon as possible at 575-257-2386. If the leak is between your meter and your home, even if it is outside the house, the leak is your responsibility.

Helpful water conservation tips & Resources

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Leaky Faucets: Did you know that a steady drip from your faucet at the rate of one drop per second wastes 192 gallons of water in a period of one month? Learn how to fix your leaky faucet and prevent excess water waste.

Water Leaks: The New Mexico Office of the State Engineer has put out an informative booklet that is designed to help you easily identify leaks in and around your home.

Conservation by the Month. A 12 Month Planner for Water Conservation: Conserving water is a year-round activity. In fact, the best way for you to conserve water is to make it a regular habit. This 12-month planner can help, with dozens of easy ideas and a new focus each month. Check out this month’s feature, and make a note in your calendar to check back here every month.



Review the Village's most recent conservation plan and water report.

2016 Village of Ruidoso Water Conservation Plan 

Village of Ruidoso Consumer Confidence Water Report