Sewer Line Rehab Project Public Meeting Announced

Molzen Corbin, the engineering firm that has been tasked with managing the sewer line rehabilitation project, will be conducting a community meeting on Tuesday, July 31st at 5:30 PM in the Council Chambers at Village Hall. This will be the second community meeting that is designed to update the public on progress that is being made on the project. In addition, it will give individuals in the community a chance to meet the parties involved and ask questions about the project.

In addition to the 5:30 PM meeting, members of the Molzen Corbin engineering team and VOR personnel will be at Sacred Grounds from 7:30-9:00 AM that morning for an informal meet and greet. This will also provide community members with the opportunity to speak to those individuals that will be working on the project.

All materials presented at the meeting will be available at immediately following the evening meeting.

If you have any questions about either of the meetings, please contact Kerry Gladden, the VOR Public Information Officer, at 575-937-2664.