Lincoln Country & Tribal Officials Form Group to Focus on School Safety

County and municipal officials along with law enforcement agencies of Lincoln County and the Mescalero Tribe have formed a strategy working group for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information and training among the law enforcement agencies and schools for improved coordination and response to any threat in our region.  This group has met consistently for the past several months and is in the process of developing a response plan, methods and strategies with the member’s respective school district to obtain the following:

·               School building and parking area diagrams

·               Safety, evacuation, lockdown, and other emergency plans

·               Contact information for school personnel

·               Any other plans, diagrams, and other information from the respective schools that could assist law enforcement responding to an incident.

The primary purpose of this regional preparedness effort is to ensure the safety of our children in all Lincoln County and Mescalero schools. It is critical to know and report any potential threats early in order to leverage resources from this group to respond quickly and efficiently. It is also critical to follow-through with enforcement with regards to any prank incidents that can create a scare and mis-use of resources.   Pranks will not be tolerated, and individuals will be held accountable.

The Regional Law Enforcement Preparedness Group wants to welcome everyone back to school and reassure everyone that we are prepared to work in collaboration with each other and with our schools to keep our community safe. Let’s make the 2018-19 school year a safe and productive year for everyone.