VOR Issues Wastewater Advisory

The Village of Ruidoso has issued a wastewater release advisory for the Rio Ruidoso area, downstream of the Country Club Road crossing in Lincoln County. The advisory was issued after approximately 500 gallons of raw sewage overflowed into the Rio Ruidoso on August 22, 2019, at 12:59 PM.

The raw sewage overflowed from a manhole along the Country Club Road crossing into the Rio Ruidoso. The cause is currently under investigation but occurred during cleaning activities of the restoration of existing sewer lines and manhole project by SAK Construction LLC and their subcontractor. Upon notification of the wastewater release, Village officials responded and contained the unpermitted release.

This precautionary advisory has been issued to warn of a potential threat to public health by recreation in these waters. Please avoid swimming, wading, or fishing while this advisory is active until further notice. This advisory only applies to the Rio Ruidoso downstream of the Country Club Road crossing and does not extend to any other surrounding water systems.

The New Mexico Environment Department will provide technical assistance to the water system as needed and the Village of Ruidoso will continue to address any potential impacts resulting from the wastewater release. All appropriate federal and state entities have been notified of the event.

For more information, please call the Village of Ruidoso at (575) 258-4343.