Request for Public Input: Ruidoso Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan


The Village Council of Ruidoso seeks public input on its proposed Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) priorities for Fiscal Years 2019- 2023 at its regular meeting scheduled on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at Village Hall, 313 Cree Meadows Drive. The meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m., with the consideration of the ICIP later on the agenda.

The Village annually prepares a five-year ICIP, which serves as the basis for future State Legislature appropriations requests specifically during the 2018 session. See Top 10 Prioritized Capital Projects listed below. For questions or concerns, contact Community Development Director Bradford Dyjak at 575-258-6999 or

Top 10 Prioritized Capital Projects:

Staff Proposed

1. Alto Water Treatment Plant Upgrade – PER & Rehabilitation Water Supply FY18 Rank: 1; FY19 Rank: 1; FY19 Requested:$750,000

2. Sewer Line Relocation FEMA Wastewater: FY18 Rank: 2; FY19 Rank:2; FY19 Requested: $10,400,000

3. E911 Addressing Coordination – Including Mapping/Automation Equipment Other:  FY18 Rank:3;  FY19 Rank: 3;  FY19 Requested: $259,000

4. Remodel Horton Complex for Village Office Relocation Admin/Service Facilities: FY18 Rank: 4; FY19 Rank: 4; FY19 Requested: $500,000

5. Sewer Line Extensions – within 150 meters (approximately 500 feet) of Rio Ruidoso Wastewater: FY18 Rank: 5;  FY19 Rank: 5;  FY19 Requested: $1,000,000 (Out Years: $2,814,587)

6. Removal of Trees for Fire Mitigation Forestry/ Other:  FY18 Rank: 8;  FY19 Rank: 6;  FY19 Requested: $70,000

7. Bridge Replacement Projects – FEMA a. Main Road #2 (match) b. Close Road (match) c. Robin Road (match) Highways/ Roads/ Streets/ Bridges FY18 Rank: 6; FY19 Rank: 7; FY19 Requested: $1,202,246

8. Grindstone Recreational Improvements – Including provision of 20-30 dry campsites Parks/Recreation: FY18 Rank: 9; FY19 Rank: 8; FY19 Requested: $250,000

9. Acquisition & Purchase of Water Rights Water Supply:  FY18 Rank: 10; FY19 Rank: 9; FY19 Requested: $500,000

10. Eagle Creek Well Field Improvements – Plan & Design Water Supply New Project: FY18 Rank: New Project; FY19 Rank: 10; FY19 Requested: $500,000

TOP 10 PRIORITIES TOTAL = $15,431,246