Set-up Your Online EyeOnWater Account

As part of the recent water meter replacement project, all Village of Ruidoso residents are now able to utilize EyeOnWater online and mobile apps to monitor their monthly water consumption. The system also allows users to establish alerts so that customers can be notified in the event of a leak in their system. 

By using the EyeOnWater apps and systems, customers can do all of the following:

  • Gain direct access to your water consumption data, allowing you to easily view, understand, and manage your water usage
  • Monitor usage hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly with easy-to-read data and charts
  • Get temperature and precipitation overlays
  • Monitor week-over-week consumption comparisons
  • Configure leak alerts to be received by email or text

For more information about how to set-up your account, please contact Toy Chavez at Village Hall at 575-258-4343.