Smokey Bear District Rx Fire Briefing

August 24, 2018

NM-LNF-D1 Rx Fire Briefing 08.24.18.jpg

Accomplishments: Personnel burned 154 acres of pinon pine and juniper slash on the White Oaks Unit this week. Special thanks again go to White Oaks VFD who helped with this burn as a partner in the White Oaks Collaborative Forest Restoration Project (CFRP)

Consumption: 90 – 95% of slash was consumed.

Challenges: Ignitions were limited in acreage the week prior due to swapping fire resources who were leaving for and returning from out of Region assignments; as well as waiting for just the right weather conditions. Critical piles bordering private land were burned Friday the 17th which made burning the remaining 154 acres on Monday & Tuesday much easier.

Holding: There were no holding issues.

Smoke: There were no health or safety issues due to smoke.

Morning briefing with FS, White Oaks VFD & adjacent resident White Oaks VFD Water tender staged for the burn Good consumption of piles in the foreground. Ignitions proceeding in the background. Good smoke dispersal.

Activities planned for 08/27 – 09/30:

  • Firefighters plan to burn hand-piled slash in the Ruidoso Area through the month of September.

  • Prescribed Fire Updates are posted regularly at

  • Lincoln National Forest Fire Information Contact: Forest Public Affairs Officer, 575-434-7290