Village of Ruidoso Begins Additional Sewer Surveys



Beginning September 12, 2019, the Village of Ruidoso will be undertaking additional topographic and boundary surveys for the Mitigation Phase of the ongoing FEMA sewer line rehabilitation project.  The Village has contracted with both Precision Surveys and Terra Land Surveys for these services. 

These surveys will involve gathering more detailed ground features to be used in the design of the river improvements, as well as property boundaries to be used for easements. This work will be scheduled throughout Rio Ruidoso river-way from the Upper Canyon near the Village Limits on the west all the way down to near Paradise Canyon Road. It is anticipated that the survey crews will be in and out of each area over the next four to five months, and it is estimated that approximately 120 properties will be entered to conduct these surveys. 

The survey crews will be in vehicles that will be clearly marked as Precision Surveys or Terra Land Surveys, and individuals will have safety vests during their working operations to assist property owners in identifying them. 

If you have any questions about these survey crews, please contact: Adam Sanchez at The Village of Ruidoso 575-937-0544, or Larry Medrano 505-856-5700 via Precision Surveys.